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Transform Your Approach to Programming with STREMECODER

Welcome to the future of Python programming. STREMECODER, developed by Pluri Inc., is not just another IDE—it's a revolutionary platform that democratizes coding by making it accessible and understandable to everyone, regardless of their coding background.

Whether you are a researcher, educator, or industry professional, STREMECODER offers the tools to bring your ideas to life. Discover how it can help you design, document, and deploy Python programs faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Our Products

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STREMECODER Live: Code on the Go

  • Instant access with no setup required – start coding in seconds.
  • Ideal for quick tests or learning, accessible anywhere online.
  • Free to use, empowering everyone to code from any device.

    STREMECODER Desktop: Power Your Projects

  • Enhanced features for comprehensive project management.
  • Offline capabilities allow for uninterrupted development.
  • Fast performance handles complex computations with ease.
  • Windows version

    Discover Our Node Packs for STREMECODER

    Unlock the full potential of STREMECODER with our diverse collection of Node Packs. Designed for developers, data scientists, and curious learners, these packs provide essential tools to expand your functionality seamlessly.

    Browse our selection below and see how each Node Pack can transform your projects with enhanced capabilities and streamlined workflows.

    Data I/O Node Pack

    Data I/O Node Pack

    Streamline Your Data Handling

    Easily integrate common data types into your projects with the Data I/O Nodepack for StremeCoder. From spreadsheets and SQLite databases to image processing with numpy arrays, this pack provides all the necessary tools to import, export, and manage your data seamlessly. Ready to enhance your workflow? Start with our simple .koi file import and see the magic in action!

    Deep Dream Node Pack

    Deep Dream Node Pack

    Unleash Creativity with AI

    Dive into the world of AI-driven art with our Deep Dream Node Pack. Transform images and videos into surreal artworks effortlessly using TensorFlow's capabilities directly within StremeCoder. Ideal for beginners and advanced users alike, this pack makes neural network visualizations accessible and fun. Begin your artistic journey today!

    Epidemic Node Pack

    Epidemic Node Pack

    Simulate and Analyze Epidemics

    Explore the dynamics of epidemics through our Monte Carlo simulation tools in the Epidemic Node Pack. Whether you're modeling for academic purposes or policy planning, this pack equips you with the robust tools needed to simulate real-world events accurately. Import the .koi file and connect the dots to bring your epidemic studies to life.

    Statistics Node Pack

    Statistics Node Pack

    Advanced Statistics Made Simple

    Elevate your data analysis with our Statistics Node Pack, featuring essential statistical tests such as t-tests, ANOVAs, and Linear Regression. Designed for efficiency and accuracy, our tools help you visualize and interpret your data quickly, making complex analyses approachable. Import our examples and use our comprehensive guides to get started immediately.